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       Broadway Baptist Church                                                                                                                  Fair Lawn, NJ  07410

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Sunday - February 2, 2020 

Sermon Title:
​"We Are One in the Spirit – We Are One in the Lord"

Scripture Reading:
Psalm 133
As the church prepares to the celebrate the "150th" Anniversary in the Spring 2020, I encourage you to take time and be a part of the project!
​                                                                     Thank You! Joyce Nagelhout

What:      Share your Memories  

Who:        Members or Friends of the Church
                {If you are new or have been in the church for many years,
                 you are encouraged to share your memories.}

Why:        To Make the "150th" Anniversary successful!
                The goal is to gather as many memories of the church
                as possible.

Where:    Just Click on the Button (Blue) Below

Celebrating "150th" Years!
"Connected to Christ"